To Øl Yeastus Christus

 5.30 €

  Laos olemas


Farmhouse IPA, värskendav humal ja metsik pärm!

Indian Pale Ale Stiil

Kõrgema mõrudusastmega (humalane) ale tüüpi õlu.

To Øl Pruulikoda

Through several hours in the lab. A shit load of beer, vacuum, freezing, waiting, trial-and-errors and iterations, we have now managed to produce the first To Øl Instant Craft Beer together with our dearest friends at GEA. By using the fact that water and alcohol under vacuum and low temperature goes directly from ice to vapour we have been able to splitt up the  water, alcohol and dry matter (like instant coffee) of the beer. This in an aroma favorable way as we don’t need to add heat (by boiling the beer) and thereby don’t have to poke and stress all the aroma compounds.